Post Driver / Side Tilt

Features - Post Driver

Malone Post Driver

  • 350Kg hammer weight,
  • Hydraulic ram
  • Steel rope
  • CE Safety Approve
  • 3 point linkage system
  • Rubber hat bumper

Features - Side Tilt Post Driver

Malone Side Tilt Post Driver

  • Side ram for adjusting level
  • 350Kg hammer weight
  • Hydraulic ram
  • Steel rope
  • CE Safety Approved
  • 3 point linkage system
  • Rubber hat bumper


Side-Tilt Post Driver

The Malone Farm Machinery Side-Tilt Post Driver can quickly drive the biggest of strainers and gate posts in the toughest of ground conditions. It is engineered to eliminate ground digging & drilling. The frame is made of H-iron beam to provide strength, durability and a long working life.

Features include; Heaviest hammer weight available on the market as standard at 350kgs, steel-wire rope, side tilt adjustment and hydraulic top-link.

It’s an ideal machine for cost-conscious farmers and contractors who need the strength and hammer weight of a larger machine to drive larger posts & straining posts, while having the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of a smaller machine.

Features & benefits

  • Hammer height adjustment allows the hammer to travel from ground level to 12’ height without rope adjustment.
  • Fast-flow valve allows for precise hammer operation.
  • The hammer slides on a greaseable static beam for maximum hammer impact.
  • The fence post is protected by a spiked hat to hold the post in place.
  • Steel wire rope ensures long product life compared to nylon ropes.

This is a high-impact machine that will drive the heaviest of straining and gate posts with ease and can readily be operated by one person.

A 3-lever control chest valve enables the post driver to move smoothly left and right, (Side-Tilt/Levelling) forward and back (Hydraulic Top-Link). This 360-degree movement makes easy work of placing posts, even on steep inclines and uneven ground.

Operation  The steel wire rope is hoisted / tensioned by the hydraulic ram thus moving the hammer up. As the 350-kg hammer is released, it impacts the rubber protected hat, thus driving the fence post. Posts are driven straight to ground, protected & secured by the special spiked hat.

The Malone Post driver is equipped with safety guards and is CE Safety approved.

User Manual

Download the Post Driver Manual pdf_icon

ALWAYS make sure, that you have read the INSTRUCTION MANUAL before using the Malone Post Driver.

Keep children AWAY from Post Driver.

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